Junior Group Leader, Theoretical & Computational Chemistry

Welcome to the Computational Chemistry Lab

Our aim is to understand and predict structure formation and reactivity in chemistry. Therefore, we develop multi-level computational protocols using methodologies from Molecular Dynamics to (ab initio) quantum chemistry.

Our main focus is the prediction of reactivity and selectivity in catalysis and in complex molecular systems.

Dr. Maren Podewitz

Dedicated scientist, enthusiastic teacher, and yogi at heart with a passion for travel, outdoor sports, and catalysis.
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@FeldtMilica I totally feel you. We are so trained to make the right decisions weighing all options that we forget that making mistakes is part of (professional) life too. Opportunities to learn and grow... You got this!
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@FeldtMilica I feel like finding a mentor is like finding a good friend. Nothing that you can force but that will happen if you are open to talking to and meeting people. #compchem #AcademicChatter


We develop multi-scale modelling protocols to solve chemical problems. A focus is on the elucidation of reaction mechanims and reactivity in (transition-metal) catalysis and in complex systems.